Hey! How’s it goin’?

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Video# 1: Welcome To My Channel!

Hello, hello!

My name is Brianna and I recently began my first channel on YouTube as ‘Brianna Pleasant’. My goal for this blog, along with my channel, is to help build a community for creative minds to share and support one another. Through these sites, I propose educational How To’s and other useful information for artists to reference. I’ve had this blog for over a year and plan to reconstruct it’s purpose of being a personal blog, in to a communal one. With my channel in mind, this site will coincide with my YouTube videos and provide a more detailed description on the subjects covered from my channel.

So, how will this be a community based blog?

I will be touching base on important and insightful topics to help artists obtain the tools needed to excel in their career. Although much of the information provided will be based on my personal experience, I strive to have credible material as additional support for the topics covered. I am hoping to start the list of credible resources with web links to businesses, art sites and other avenues of information specifically pertaining to my location and subject matter. In order to have people involved, there will be an opportunity to share information about the subject mentioned in my video- which will then make its way to the blog. As I create a new video, anyone who is a part of this project as a viewer, can participate in creating a glossary of resources by submitting their links and suggestions in the comments section of my YouTube channel. From there, I will categorized the shared information accordingly based on location, content and source as they develop on the new blog post. This will be great for artists around the world because now they will have the chance to reach out to resources within their community with ease. With this platform, I can also allow other artists to be represented, to share their experiences within their field, and discuss their personal knowledge by conducting interviews on my channel.

As this project progresses, I hope to see growth based purely on support and positivity within this community for the arts.

Thank you for tuning in- I look forward to talking with you in the future!

Hope all is well,


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